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Vietnam is a true masterpiece of a country in Southeast Asia. From the lively urban centre of Ho Chi Minh City to the stunning beauty of internationally renowned UNESCO World Heritage Sites, visiting Vietnam makes for a truly life-changing experience. The capital city, Hanoi, displays a curious mix of Chinese and French influences that come together in a large urban area with a surprisingly relaxed atmosphere. On the northeastern coast of the country is the ever-popular Ha Long Bay. Picture a sea of shimmering turquoise waters within which impressive rock formations stand tall, crowned by the greenest of vegetation and hiding secret grottos decorated with ancient stalactites. Further south is Hoi An, a coastal city of bright yellow houses, endless rice fields and white beaches. Its gorgeous and well-preserved Ancient Town shows off the region’s particular brand of foreign-influenced architecture. In southern Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh City, or Saigon, a city like no other in the country. With so much to see and do, it is hard to get bored here. From the Museum of Vietnamese History (Bao Tang Lich Su) to the Emperor Jade Pagoda, the Notre Dame Cathedral and ‘Cho Lon’, or Chinatown, Vietnam’s largest city truly is an exciting and diverse cultural hotspot.
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If Saigon is the frenetic, commercial heartbeat of Vietnam, then verdant and historic Hanoi is the sedate, intellectual soul of the country. Its leafy boulevards, serene lakes, and sweeping white French colonial architecture set the scene as tourists and locals go about their business at a pleasingly civilised pace.
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Hoi An

Hoi An, located on Vietnam's central coast, is a charming and unique destination. With its ideal blend of history, culture, shopping, dining, and leisure, the town continues to be a highly sought-after tourist spot year after year. Its UNESCO-listed Ancient Town is photogenic to a fault, with its collection of distinctive mustard-coloured colonial homes, intriguing food and quaint streets that remain traffic-free for much of the day drawing in cruise excursionists and backpackers alike.
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Ho Chi Minh City

On the banks of the Mekong River, Ho Chi Minh City emerges as a dazzling metropolis, where past and present collide in vibrant harmony. With over 9 million people bustling about, it’s a sprawling urban jungle where modern skyscrapers kiss the sky while well-preserved colonial buildings whisper tales of yesteryears. Amidst the chaos of motorbike symphonies, intrepid explorers uncover remnants of its turbulent history, savour its mouth-watering cuisine, sip on a cup of robust Vietnamese coffee, and discover its lively nightlife.
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Ha Long Bay

Discover the wonders of Ha Long Bay, one of the most attractive and awe-inspiring destinations in Southeast Asia. Delve into the ethereal waters that bathe the monumental limestone karsts rising dramatically over the bay. Try out your kayaking skills, go hiking and explore the area at will while staying at Vietnam’s top World Heritage Site destination. Whether you are travelling solo or with a group, this part of the world should be top of your list.
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Nha Trang

Long-beloved by tourists from across Asia and Europe, Nha Trang is among Vietnam's most sought-after beach holiday destinations. Despite being well and truly on the trodden path, Nha Trang remains an attractive seaside resort, drawing in both backpackers and cruise excursionists with its cheap and delicious food, active nightlife, nature getaways, inexpensive wellness treatments, and modern entertainment highlights like the Vinpearl Amusement Park.