South Korea

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South Korea

One of the world’s top players when it comes to technological innovation, South Korea is constantly evolving, at the cutting edge of fashion, pop culture and entertainment. The capital, Seoul, is a 24-hour megacity abuzz with eclectic shopping, fiery street food, the latest in high-tech gadgets and the pulsating sounds of K-pop, and is the very embodiment of the nation’s unrestrainable nature. But Korea is more than just Seoul, boasting astounding natural beauty and diversity, centuries of fascinating history and a warm and always welcoming population.
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Named East Asia Culture City in 2018, Busan has recently risen to prominence internationally, with visitors now flocking to South Korea's second city even outside of the busy International Film Festival week each October. There is more to do and see than can fit in a space of a few days: traditional spas, local eats and endless shopping all leave but a little time to take in the rugged Busan coastline on seaside nature hikes.
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Seoul is a city of contrasts in which the ancient and the modern harmoniously coexist. In one sense, it’s a hi-tech 21st-century city awash with neon lights and the sights and sounds of a 24-hour metropolis, while at the same time, a city retaining the majesty and graceful ambience of ancient dynasties that once ruled. Like the river Han on which it sits, Seoul is constantly moving as it strides boldly into the future, yet simultaneously managing to keep one foot firmly entrenched in its historical past.